Electrical panels

Design and manufacture of electrical panels for any type of application


The accumulated experience and our commitment to the integral management of the customer’s needs allow us to give a personalized response to both the small work table and the big industrial project.

We fully manage the production cycle and establish a direct line between the products we offer to the market and the need of the customer, providing technical and economic solutions in the design phase, purchasing management and delivery times in the phase of Manufacturing. We also provide advice during the commissioning of the equipment.

Supported by the main manufacturers of the sector, a high level of training and the constant commitment to quality mark our identity. From the outset has opted for the application of new technologies, participating in large automation projects in pumping and water purification, industrial processes, etc.

Experience in the development and putting into service of energy efficiency solutions: in the control of lighting, in the control of air conditioning, in the control of engines, in the utilization of renewables and management of the energy.

The synergy between the departments of medium voltage and automation allows us to tackle specific assemblies such as the control of switchgear of medium voltage and the control of substations.

In the same way, our factory of prefabricated concrete buildings and the mechanic container transformation workshop allows us to offer to the client electric rooms both in prefabricate concrete building and in ISO container completely finished and integrated ready to Transport and Connect.

Our Aznalcóllar workshop has managed to be licensed by important manufacturers of electrical switchgear to mount control boxes of motors, which opens a wide range of applications for this type of assemblies.


  • Quality of all our works
  • Technical advice
  • Carrying out tests and trials
  • Custom Solutions


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