Since 2012, Proinsener Energy has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of containerised solutions for different applications with more than 2GW to be installed all over the world.

Throughout these years, Proinsener has not stopped growing. Innovation in each of our solutions has positioned us as a benchmark for some of the world’s leading technology developers. Some of the most important milestones throughout our history are:

  • 2012


    Foundation of the company.

  • 2013


    First inverter station in Metal Skids (USA) and in container (UK).

  • 2014


    • Obtaining quality and environmental certificates.
    • First containerized solution with REI120 for emergency unit.
  • 2015


    • First inverter station for a project larger than 100MW (Chile)
    • First containerized solution for Wave Quality (USA)
  • 2016


    • Integrators of the largest photovoltaic plant in South America, 246 MWp (El Romero, Chile)
    • First flow battery containerized unit (Spain)
    • First electric bus loading station (Spain)
  • 2017


    • Creation of the subsidiary of Proinsener Energía Chile S.A.
    • First operation and maintenance project (Chile)
    • More than 1GW integrated and presence in more than 21 countries
  • 2018


    First energy storage project of more than 10 MW (Germany).

  • 2019


    Creation of the subsidiary Proinsener Energía Service S.L. with new facilities for Prefabricated Concrete Buildings.