Military Solutions

The ease of transporting our solutions to any part of the world makes Proinsener’s containerised units the perfect solution for military sector installations. From containers adapted mechanically for special requirements to integral solutions for generation, storage or water treatment for provisional camps.

The main construction dimensions are in containers of 20 and 40 feet, however, they can also be made to measure with all the configurable equipment according to the requirements of the client.

Our facilities of more than  12,000 m² located in the Park of Environmental Activities of Andalusia, in the locality of Aznalcóllar, (Sevilla) are strategically located near the port of Algeciras, offering a global logistical capacity for military clients. In addition, we provide operations and maintenance services.


  • Resistant to demanding climatic conditions. deserts, areas with risk of typhoons, high humidity, high seismic activity, etc.
  • Mechanical and configurable adaptation of the container.
  • Equipment integration. Integration of any electrical or mechanical equipment according to project specifications.
  • Military exterior painting. As defined by the client.
  • Turnkey product.
  • Manufacturing and factory integration. This reduces the manufacturing times compared to what the field production would mean in addition to directly sending a finished and tested product.


Military Container

Location: Spain
Type: 20 ‘ container