Water Treatment Units

Water treatment units are available in various configurations to accommodate the size of the site and capacity requirements, allowing for rapid integration, start-up and operation.

Proinsener offers modular solutions that can be adapted to the customer’s needs by providing a solution on any scale, from decentralized independent units, to solutions for large water treatment plants.

In our facilities we carry out the works consisting of the mechanical assembly of all the water treatment units. This requires integrating all the components of the process into a 20 or 40-foot maritime container. Where the customer supplies all the equipment and we undertake the complete integration to leave the product ready to transport it to its final location.

In these stations we also offer the manufacture and integration of the LV panels necessary for the correct operation of the unit, as well as all the auxiliary services like luminaires, sockets, switches, fire detector, etc.


  • Resistant to demanding climatic conditions: deserts, areas with risk of typhoons, high humidity, high seismic activity, etc.
  • Mechanical and configurable adaptation of the container.
  • Turnkey product.
  • Manufacturing and factory integration. This reduces the manufacturing times compared to what the field production would mean in addition to directly sending a finished and tested product.
  • Standalone or interconnected units
  • Auxillary services. Integration of all auxiliary equipment fsuch as luminaires, emergency luminaires, LV boards, sockets, switches, etc.


Military Container

Location: Spain
Type: 20 ‘ container