Other Solutions

Proinsener has integrated many electrical and mechanical equipment in ISO containers as well as in transportable buildings. Our experience in the installation of large industrial projects and process automation allows us to undertake any type of integration with the highest quality guarantee.

The know-how accumulated in the design and integration of these solutions, in solar inverter stations and transformation centers, enables us to develop projects for the development of any type of technology and purpose.

We are committed to R&D and we work with some of the most important manufacturers of energy storage equipment and photovoltaic generation to improve the existing solutions in the market increasing the performance and capacity of prototypes.

Some of the applications that Proinsener integrates are:


Electric Vehicle Charger

Our contribution to the advance of the Smart Cities. Proinsener is currently developing a charging point for electric vehicles.


Emergency Units

They allow to generate electrical energy in remote areas, the retention of these equipment extends the life of the same, saving costs in maintenance and repairs.


Pumping stations

The containment of these plants allows their location in areas of difficult access, reducing the cost in logistics, also making it possible to make transportable stations for emergency situations.


Gasifying stations

The containment of these plants reduces the cost in logistics, allowing their location in areas of difficult access.


Motor control rooms

Fully integrated and factory-tested rooms, saving the need for civil engineering.


Storage in supercondensers

Proinsener has developed solutions with superconductors that allow an alternative against the storage of energy in batteries.


Wave quality

This type of solutions in containers means important advantages in the supply of energy when mitigating harmonic currents and of high frequencies.


Electric charger

Location: Tarragona. Spain
Type: 20 ‘ container


Location: Switzerland
Type: Bench of ultracapacitors