Isolated photovoltaic systems

Proinsener designs and manufactures solutions for isolated photovoltaic systems in remote locations without access to the electrical grid where the system generates the photovoltaic energy, it manages its storage and is used.

These systems eliminate or reduce the need to use diesel or petrol gensets, providing significant economic savings and comfort for users. The integration of all the equipment in containers offers a compact and turnkey solution that is complemented with the photovoltaic panels of the plant.

Proinsener has experience in this type of applications that are autonomous, viable and profitable in any power genaration  that the customer may need. This solution usually includes the inverters, storage system in batteries, electrical boards and other auxiliary elements.

In this type of projects we adapt ourselves to the needs of the client offering all our experience in engineering to obtain a custom product and with all the guarantees of operation and safety.


  • Resistant to demanding climatic conditions: deserts, areas with risk of typhoons, high humidity, high seismic activity, etc.
  • Development DC Panels. Proinsener has temendous knowhow in the design and manufacture of these types of boards that include all protection and the control systems.
  • Rack integration.
  • Fire protection systems. With different technologies we certify an extinguishing system that allows to maintain the security of the system in case of fire.
  • Integrated refrigeration systems. Temperature-controlled stations are manufactured for both the electrical equipment rooms and offices within the station itself.
  • Inverter integration. Integration of one or more inverters according to the manufacturer. Including level 2 boxes and continuous-to-inverter bridges if required.


Solar voucher

Location: Lagos. Nigeria
Type: 20 ‘ container
Power: 3 Stations

EM One

Location: Lagos. Nigeria
Type: 20 ‘ container
Power: 20 Stations