Metal and concrete Skids

Custom-designed solutions for outdoor equipment integration


Proinsener’s metal skids are tailor-made for the integration of equipment ready to work outdoors, generating a “Plug and Play” solution that can be transported within an ISO container.

These Skid solutions are built based on standardized profiles, type IPE, HEB, UPN, hot dip galvanizing, for transport in container Open Top 40 ‘ HC. A recommended solution for compact photovoltaic solar stations where the transformer, Switchgear, LV Panels, inverters, etc. are integrated.

Our metal Skid solutions have been supplied in countries such as Panama, Mexico, The United States, etc. Our global experience allows us to face the design and integration of these type of Plug and Play solutions, complying with current regulations in the country of destination and guaranteeing maximum reliability.


  • Customized solution for outdoor equipment
  • Plug&Play
  • No ventilation required
  • Reduced material and installation costs