Energy Storage Systems

Proinsener’s containerised units are the perfect solution for large-scale energy storage projects. Our stations can be used in the integration of various storage technologies and for different purposes.

All our containerised solutions are designed to meet the most demanding specifications and can to cope with all kinds of adverse conditions.

In the case of storage in batteries the container are mechanically adapted to integrate the air conditioning equipment that allows energy storage according to the project. These solutions provide greater flexibility and robustness to renewable power production systems.

Proinsener has also integrated stations for energy storage projects with: supercapacitors, lithium ion batteries, hydrogen storage and hybrid technologies. The extensive experience accumulated by Proinsener, and our passion for tackling modern technological challenges, makes it possible to undertake any energy storage project.

As the wave quality stations that improve the quality of the electric energy supplied by the generation source or the stations intended for the electric power injection when the main supply is interrupted, allowing to synchronize several emergency and power equipment at the same time, both in DC and AC.


  • Development DC Panels. Proinsener has tremendous knowhow in the design and manufacture of these type of tables that include all protections and the control systems.
  • Fire protection systems. With different technologies we certify an extinguishing system that allows the security of the systemto be maintained in case of fire.
  • Stations with anti-acid cockpits. The use of certain batteries requires the development of cockpits with special treatment against the risk of splashing and leakage.
  • Integrated refrigeration systems. Temperature-controlled stations are manufactured for both the electrical equipment rooms and offices within the station itself.
  • Rack integration.

Others applications that Proinsener integrates are:


Storage in supercondensers

Proinsener has developed solutions with superconductors that allow an alternative to the storage of energy in batteries.


Wave quality

This type of solutions in containers means important advantages in the supply of energy when mitigating harmonic currents of high frequencies.


Duke Energy

Location: North Carolina. Usa
Type: 20 ‘ container

S4 Energy Ion-Litium

Location: Netherlands
Type: 40 ‘ HC containers adapted
Power: 1 Station of 3 MW


Location: Bremen. Germany
Type: 40 ‘ HC containers adapted
Power: 6 Stations of 16 MW

Cremzow Ion-Litium

Location: Cremzow. Germany
Type: 40 ‘ HC containers adapted
Power: 1 Station of 2 MW


Hotel Area: Mauritius Island
Type: 20 ‘ container
Power: 4 stations. 4 MW