Transformer Stations

In Proinsener we offer transformation centers designed in prefabricated concrete buildings and in metal containers for any need of location of equipment inside.

We design the solution and integrate all the equipment adapting to any requirement, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy any need of our clients as provisional transformation Centers, solutions Photovoltaics, subscriber centers, Centers for companies, etc.

The transformation centers in prefabricated concrete buildings of Proinsener are built with last generation concrete monobloc, developed and manufactured in our facilities with our own concrete plant. With quality controlled by external laboratory accredited, and with a characteristic resistance to the compression superior to
250 kg/cm2; The assembly is made with electrowelded and corrugated mesh for reinforcements.

All the assembly embedded in the concrete is electrically connected forming an equipotential cage (known as Faraday’s).

The Marine Container transformation Centers, as well as with compact metallic enclosure, give rise to a perfect mobile transformation center to transport to any part of the world. The enclosure of this type of center is isolated according to the climatic conditions of the project and is painted according to the requirements of the client. It also offers the possibility to design and supply all accessories such as stairs, walkways, handrails.


  • Metal carpentry. In EHP installed without electrical contact with the potential system guaranteeing a minimum resistance of 10 kΩ. Manufacture based on galvanized sheet steel, painted with polyester-type paint.
  • Natural ventilation. Natural air circulation through the windows used in the concrete and covered with their corresponding gratings. Forced ventilation can also be installed if required.
  • Indoor or outdoor transformer. According to the project.
  • MT cells. Integration of the MT cells and their connection to the power transformer.
  • Axillary services. Luminaires, emergency luminaires, plugs, switches, etc.
  • BT box. Of design and self-integration, in our workshop of electrical panels, according to characteristics of inverters and transformers.
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system.
  • Control and measurement.


Pozo Almonte I

Location: Pozo Almonte. Chile
Type: 20 ‘ HC container
Power: 9 KW

Horus I

Location: Guatemala
Type: 40 ‘ HC container
Power: 34 Stations 1.7 MW


Location: Honduras
Type: 40 ‘ and 20 ‘ container
Power: 13 Stations 2.8 MW/3 Stations 2.2 MW/3 stations 1, 6 MW

PV Sete Lagoas

Location: Sete Lagoas. Brazil
Type: Precast concrete Building
Power: 3 MW

PV Transformation Center

Hotel Area: UK
Type: Precast concrete Building
Power: for string solar inverters. PV Plant 1250 kVA


Location: Tangier. Morocco
Type: Precast concrete Building