Electrical Rooms

Proinsener Energía offers its customers the design, development, integration and manufacture of prefabricated and easily transportable electric rooms, integrated with electrical equipment for different applications.

These electric rooms can house electrical equipment of force, control and protection, equipment of communications, storage of energy in batteries, air conditioning, detection and extinguishing of fires, water purification, etc.; In addition to the Assembly and interconnection between the different equipment that compose the room.

This type of solutions are integrated into 20-and 40-foot maritime containers or in prefabricated concrete buildings. Depending on the number and type of equipment required to be integrated we can adapt the dimensions of the containers either with several containerized marine containers, integrated, uncoupled for transport and finally linked in the field or manufacturing all The structure of the electric room to measure.

The advantage of Contenerizar these equipment is its easy and economical transport, since the electric rooms manufactured from containers can be shipped as standard maritime containers that subsequently join in the field, giving rise to a room totally Diaphanous.


  • Total adaptability. We adapt the dimensions according to the dimensions of the equipments that need to be integrated for any type of application that our clients require.
  • Turnkey product.
  • Manufacturing and factory integration. This reduces the manufacturing times compared to what the field production would mean in addition to directly sending a finished and tested product.
  • Ancillary services. Integration of all auxiliary equipment for the correct functioning of the client’s equipment such as luminaires, emergency luminaires, BT-boxes, plugs, switches, etc.
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system. When they are required.


San Pedro Rosello Convention Center

Location: San Juan. Puerto Rico
Type: 20 ‘ container
Power: 4 Stations


Location: Ma’an. Jordan
Type: 40 ‘ HC container
Power: 3 stations. 10 MW

The flat

Location: Zaragoza. Spain
Type: 40 ‘ containers
Power: 0.5 MW